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Rose's Bistro Off Main combines a passion for food with sustainability

It is a huge pleasure to announce that Rose’s Bistro Off Main is our first partner in Keep Pasco Beautiful’s Companies for a Cause program, in which hospitality companies commit to incorporating sustainability into their business practices.

Rose Mohr, owner and manager of Rose’s Bistro, explains that they prioritize local organic produce whenever possible! According to her, customers have been responding very well to the Farm to Table movement.

In addition to offering a daily assortment of tasty and fresh food (check out their menu here), Rose’s Bistro promotes a Farmers Market every third Saturday of each month, sponsored by FarmNet, with a variety of items grown and made locally– such as delicious jams and jellies, sweet potatoes, loquat trees, and much more.

Rose also stated that one of their goals is to eliminate the use of styrofoam and plastic products, opting for eco-friendly options instead. We are proud of her commitment to sustainability and we strongly encourage our community to support Rose’s Bistro!


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