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Recycling in Pasco County

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Your garbage and recycling are picked up by one of eight licensed trash haulers. If you live in Pasco county and receive twice-a-week garbage pickup at the curb, then you are be eligible for once-a-week recycling. If you would like to start recycling, please contact your trash hauler to request a recycling cart and to find out your recycling schedule.


Licensed Trash Hauler Phone Numbers

  • All Haul


  • County Sanitation


  • J.D. Parker & Sons Inc.


  • Republic (formerly Seaside)


  • Waste Aid


  • Waste Connections (East & East Central)


  • Waste Connections (West & West Central)


  • Waste Management



It is important to recycle right, so when in doubt throw it out. Not all items can be recycled, and some items can cause damage to recycling machinery and create contamination. Please recycle only the items listed below to maximize your impact and save the world, one can at a time. Make sure all recycling is clean and dry and all boxes are broken down. For questions about what can be recycled, call Pasco County Recycling at 727-856-4539.  To stay in the know about all things recycling in Pasco County follow Pasco County Solid Waste & Recycling on Facebook.


Pasco Accepts:

--Aluminum Cans

-Metal Food Cans

-Plastic Bottles, Jugs, and Small Containers

-Paper, Newspaper, Office Paper, Magazines, and Junk Mail

-Thin and Thick Cardboard  (Please break down your boxes!)

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