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Keep Pasco Beautiful is the non-profit event host for the spooktacular Trick or Treat Downtown NPR presented by  McPherson & Thomas, P.A. Personal Injury Law.  We know that some of you are wondering why an environmental organization is involved with a Halloween event, what's the point?  There is always a method to our madness, we'll let you in on the secret for this one.


The big buzz word lately is sustainability.  There are three pillars that must be equally balanced to develop sustainable solutions: economic, social and environment.  Keep Pasco Beautiful does a lot to promote environmental sustainability through waste reduction and litter prevention programs.  Thanks to our rock star volunteers our organization is able to stretch those dollars so we can have maximum impact with our limited budget.  There is one aspect that we sometimes forget - people.  One way to create social sustainability is to shift a culture, create an atmosphere where people are working together for a common goal.  The first step to that is meeting people. Getting to know your neighbors.  Trick or Treat Downtown NPR is an amazing family event that is fun for all, but guess what?  By participating you are contributing to community spirit, which is a crucial step towards social sustainability.     

Now that you know its purpose, time for the details!  Trick or Treat Downtown NPR will take place in..... Downtown New Port Richey!  The event will be from 5 pm to 8 pm on Halloween, and road closures will start at 4 pm.  There is plenty of City parking, and just like the event it's free!  So mark your calendars. Grab the kiddles, dress up as a fam, and join the festive fun.  Still not sure?  We will also have TONS of candy at LOTS of businesses Downtown.  Added bonus - you get to stop by the Keep Pasco Beautiful table and snag a reusable bag while supplies last. 


None of this would have happened without the endless dedication of Kira Atkinson, Kacey Atkinson & Lia Gallegos.  They are the haunting spirits behind Trick or Treat Downtown NPR.  Thank you for your efforts to bring the community together, and for making the world a better place in all you do.

Participating Business Map

Thank you to our sponsors

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