The hope was that by Fall Covid-19 would be better under control so this event would be possible, but unfortunately that does not appear to be the case.  After discussions with the staff of the City of New Port Richey we decided it was best to cancel the Pasco Upcycle Arts & Drafts Festival.  We understand that many of you are disappointed as are we.  Certain things are out of our control, and a pandemic is definitely one of them.  We are planning on bringing this event back to Downtown New Port Richey in November of 2021. Until then you all have plenty of time to create upcycle masterpieces for the event.

Many people hear waste reduction and think of the standard household recycling of aluminum cans at the curb, but options are much broader than that.  Many things can be reused to reduce the amount of waste in our environment.  There is a term for the ingenious process of reinventing something with a better quality, or for better environmental value: upcycle.

The purpose of the Pasco Upcycle Arts & Drafts Festival is to reduce waste by changing peoples’ perceptions of what can be salvaged into not only something useful, but often times a work of art.  The event has numerous upcycle vendors with items such as pallet furniture and spoon bracelets, and their will also be environmental education vendors. 


Thank you to our sponsors